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Here's what a couple of my students have to say about my mentorship...
How's your month been?
What's been keeping you up at night in the past month?
What do you sell, to who, and for how much?
What do you think the biggest problem is you need to solve in the next 90 days?
How does this challenge show up in your life?
What would your life look like if you didn't have this challenge?
How much is a client worth to you in the first 90 days of your relationship?
How many clients do you typically work with on a monthly basis?
How do you currently get your clients?
If I asked you to go get 25 new clients, how would you do it?
What is your current monthly revenue US DOLLARS?
What is your current monthly profit in US DOLLARS?
90 days from now, how much revenue (and profit) do you want to be making?
How big is your social media following?
How many contacts are on your email list?
How do you think we can help?
Assuming we can help, are you ready to receive our help?
Can you take 15 minutes from your schedule in the next 2-3 business days to see if we can work together?
You've gotten this far, so it seems a little silly to ask if you're going to show up....but are you going to show up for your appointment?
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